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How does it actually work?


The main problem that Elk LIVE fights is called latency. Latency is the time it takes for the sound produced to reach the ears of the listener. As sound travels 1 meter per 3 milliseconds in air, technically latency always exists, even when playing in the same room. But it starts becoming a problem when you introduce factors, like distance and digital processing in the audio path.

The Elk LIVE Bridge

Our solution to the problem is the dedicated Elk LIVE Bridge, designed from the ground up to cut out that pesky latency. The Bridge is powered by the award-winning Elk Audio OS and delivers unmatched performance with less than 1 ms internal roundtrip. This combined with our unique latency perception tools cuts out all overhead latency, leaving you to play with just the latency of your internet connection.


The latency you'll get from the internet depends on distance and your specific internet connection, but in general, you get about 100 km/millisecond (62 miles) on an average fiber connection (Approx 50% of what you can technically get from a pure fiber connection). This means that playing with someone 1000 km (621 miles) away will give you an overall latency of 10 ms. About the same latency you will get from being 3 meters apart in the same room.
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2 analog inputs (XLR / TRS combo connector)

  • Line (balanced and unbalanced +22dBu max input level)
  • Microphone preamp (-12dBu max input level)
  • Instrument (unbalanced on TRS/TS connector only +13dBu max input level)
  • Selectable 48V phantom power per port (XLR only)

4 analog outputs:

  • 2 unbalanced 1/4″ line outputs, +2 dBu maximum output level
  • Stereo headphone output (selectable 1/4″ or 3,5mm), +4dBu maximum output level
  • USB class-compliant (UAC-2) Audio/MIDI device
  • A/D and D/A conversion 24-bit up to 192kHz
  • Network – Gigabit (1000BASE-T)
  • Power – 5 V, 3 A(15W) USB type C
  • Dimensions – 140x140x45mm
  • Weight – 483 gr
  • Audio OS: Elk Audio OS – Ultra Low-Latency Audio Operating System
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Setup example

3 players in different locations

The Elk LIVE Bridge has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Here are just a few of the ways you can connect to your Bridge.