Play together online.
Like you’re in the same room.
Play music together live online. In studio quality and at ultra-low latency.
the studio
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The Backstage is your home, where you manage your friends, get updates and start sessions.
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The Video view is where you see and interact with band mates during a session.
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The Mixer is your mission control, where you can fine tune everything to your liking.

“I love playing with Elk LIVE. Creating close musical moments connecting from wherever you are”

Hattie Webb - artist

“I think Elk LIVE has a real ability to transform the way that people think about music-making.”

Matthew Shilvock - General Director, San Francisco Opera

“Elk LIVE will become a product to safeguard collaboration that wouldn’t happen without it.”

Sharooz Raoofi - Producer

“Ikiz and I are sitting 670 km away from each other, with no latency at all.”

Nils Landgren - Jazz musician

the bridge